Protecting futures through responsible packaging

Our commitment to sustainability is based on promoting circular economy by offering innovative products that optimise the use of natural resources, supporting the protection of the environment and creating positive social impact

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Sustainable commitment

We aim to deliver responsible packaging solutions that minimise our environmental impact while enhancing local communities and fostering employee development


Environmental impact

Preserve natural resources to protect the future of people and the planet.


Circular economy

Create a Circular Economy, improving recyclability by design and promoting the use of recycled content.


Collaboration environment

Work closely with the whole value chain to make all packaging recyclable or compostable by 2030.


Food availability and protection

Reduce food waste by extending the shelf life of products and increasing food protection and food availability.



Make a better workplace for our people, ensuring ethical and transparent performance.

Our sustainable contribution to SDGs

Through the commitments established in our sustainability vision, we contribute to achieving SDGs in different areas, actively participating in the solution to the different social, environmental, and economic challenges that we face

ODS People


We are committed to promoting a safe workplace and employees' development, supporting our local communities and ensuring transparency and accountability.

ODS Planet


Through responsible manufacturing, performance measurement and supply chain management we aim to minimise our environmental impact.

ODS Product


We work to create solutions that contribute to protecting the product and to reducing food waste and that are recyclable or compostable after use.

Our certifications

Our daily commitment to improve our performance and increase our credibility and transparency vis-à-vis all our stakeholders, is also demonstrated by the certifications obtained in different areas that allow us to externally evaluate the achievement of our objectives


INNOTECH is COEXPAN & EMSUR’s innovation and sustainability centre specialized in integral rigid and flexible packaging solutions

Co-ideation of Innovative Packaging

INNOTECH was born to become a benchmark, not only for our customers but for the wholes plastic value chain. Our values reflect our raison d’être, they are the starting point to inspire and shape a sustainable future through our products.

Human-centric technology • Thinking industry • Collaborative environment


Protecting futures
through responsible packaging


At Grupo Lantero we focus on eco-design, innovation and optimization of our operations and materials. This is OUR WAY TO RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING

Eco-design to improve circularity

Recyclability & recycled content

Based on eco-design we promote recycling and recycled materials and processes, from both post-industrial and post-consumer sources, in our manufacturing activity and through our active participation in different initiatives.



We encourage innovative bio-based packaging solutions through the use of alternative polymers, promoting materials derived from biological resources. Certain products are made from 100% or partially bio-based materials, which are also biodegradable and compostable after use.

And prevent waste

Packaging optimization

Packaging material optimisation through industrial high-efficiency processes and innovation: we continuously work on lightweight packaging, reduced thickness, and optimum material quality while ensuring product efficiency and safety.


Longer shelf-life

We are committed to developing optimum packaging that ensures longer shelf life, greater portion control and product protection, with the aim of reducing waste while maintaining food properties during manufacture, distribution and display.

Featured products


Ecocharged and foam sheets

Downgauged structures for rigid and flexible


Compostable barrier capsules, lids and bags for coffee

Biodegradable and compostable rigid and flexible solutions (PLA, PHA, biosourced blends and others)

Biobased cardboard boxes

Longer Shelf Life

Active and standard barriers

Oxigen scavengers and antibacterial agents for trays

Retort lids, pouches and rigid solutions


Rigid and flexibles solutions

  • Recycled content (rPET, rPS, rPP, rPaper)
  • Monomaterials (Polyolefin, PET and others)
  • Structures “Recyclable by Design”

Full paper based flexible solutions

Some of our projects

Working actively with several members across the value chain in order to make packaging circular while ensuring product quality and safety

logos projects

Project partners

logos projects

Main objectives

Implement a circular economy process with the aim of recycling EPS fish boxes into polystyrene (PS) food contact grade packaging, such as yogurt pots.

Provide a complete demonstration solution covering the entire value chain

Help to fulfil the new objectives of European Directives within the context of a focus on the Circular Economy and plastics strategy.

Convert waste into a valuable resource, avoiding landfill and littering.

logos projects

Main project partners

logos projects

Main objectives

The Project aims at delivering new bio-based, cost competitive and recyclable packaging solutions designed to be mechanically recycled, compostable either industrially or at home, or suitable for anaerobic digestion. The consortium is composed by leading experts from 21 organizations based in 8 European countries.

The project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 837761.

Our partnerships

Through our different partnerships we boost the improvement of collecting and sorting systems and recycling technologies to speed up the transition to a circular economy

The UK Plastics Pact
Circular Plastics Alliance
Styrenics Circular Solutions
Petcore Europe


Climate change

Fighting climate change is a priority for us that is why we monitor our emissions and work to reduce them by lowering consumptions, by using renewable energy and by including these actions in strategic decisions

Operational performance to protect the planet

Our commitments

Reduce our carbon footprint
(tCO2/prod unit)Scope 1 and 2
Scope 1 and 2



Renewable enery consumption
Scope 1 and 2




To continue improving our environmental footprint we work to reduce our waste and water consumption through the implementation of better practices in our processes.

Operational performance to protect the planet



Efficient use of raw materials, improving designs and process performance are all key drivers behind the way we work to reduce waste generation and improve waste management. Our action plans include identifying opportunities to keep more waste away from landfill sites while at the same time reducing our raw material needs.



In line with our commitment to preserve natural resources we support water conservation by minimising its consumption and preventing water pollution. Responsible use of water in our processes and our daily life is key to achieving this goal and for this reason we raise awareness among our employees on its importance for our plant and our future.


Protecting futures
through responsible packaging

Workplace H&S

Grupo Lantero’s H&S Policy establishes the commitment to provide a safe environment to protect our people.


We know that:


H&S is an ethical responsibility of the company.


Our commitment to safety and well being for our people is a strong principle shared by all of us in the group.


People are the solution not the problem.

Our way of working:


Harmonised management of H&S across the Group.


H&S functions lead by professional teams.


Integration of Health & Safety into the daily operation of our sites and in the decision-making process.

One Safety

Trough our internal program

We act with the firm intention of ensuring that everyone returns home every day safe and sound.

Our employees & community

We work to engage, empower and inspire employees to achieve sustained success in the company, a positive impact in local communities and to contribute to social progress.

Fundación Tomillo
Compromiso Social

Good governance

All actions performed by Grupo Lantero are based on respect, professionalism, honesty and integrity towards all people to create value for our stakeholders and to be a company our employees are proud of.