Protecting futures

Our Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report is not only a reflection of our achievements, but also a renewed commitment to continuous improvement. We are committed to continue advancing in our sustainability goals, by setting new challenges and working closely with all of our stakeholders to continue protecting futures.

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Sustainability Commitment

The pillars of our commitment to sustainability contribute to the SDGs*

*Sustainable Development Goals, which were established by the United Nations at the Rio de Janeiro Conference in 2012 to address environmental, political and economic urgency.

We integrate Sustainability strategically and transversally in our organization, working in 5 main areas:


People are the core of our organization. We are committed to promote a safe and healthy work environment each individual can reach his or her full potential and feel valued.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees is an absolute priority, which is why we integrate it into the daily management of our plants and every decision-making process.

Our commitment is materialized in specific projects which will become Group standards. By way of illustration, during 2022 we initiated the following:

We also highlight the results of some of the main indicators in the area:

Hours of health and safety training

% of new positions in the area

Reduction in the number of accidents (with and without sick leave)

Our employees

We promote a corporate culture based on respect and equality where all our people feel valued.

We believe in the continuous development of all our employees and in providing them with opportunities to grow.

As a family-owned company, we foster a culture of proximity, based on closeness, open communication and collaboration between employees and leaders. We promote transparency, open dialogue, teamwork and recognition.

We promote a corporate culture based on respect, equality and diversity. We strive to create an inclusive and psychologically safe environment where all people feel valued and can contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

Our community


Grupo Lantero and Fundación Tomillo reaffirm their commitment to society. The collaboration framework established proposes to promote our contribution to building a better society through projects focused on three areas of action: employment, training and social action.

The following are some of the actions undertaken:





Vocational training in electricity, IT and administrative services


Training for employment, in full stack website development and Java website development

Volunteering in figures




volunteer actions


hours of training


students trained

in Sustainable packaging and recycling; Networking; Event organization; Digital Security; Marketing

Good governance

All actions carried out by Grupo Lantero are based on respect, professionalism and honesty towards people in order to create value for our stakeholders, and to be a company that our employees are proud of.

Some tools that enable our employees to help our business comply with local regulations, as well as globally recognized best practices, are included in our Code of Ethics and are listed below:


At Grupo Lantero we develop innovative packaging solutions, based on eco-design and the optimization of our operations and materials.



We work to increase the circularity of our solutions, improving their recyclability and increasing the use of recycled material, through eco-design as well as our active participation in different collaborative initiatives with the entire value chain.

  • Recycled content (rPET, rPS, rPP, rPaper)
  • Monomaterials
  • Structures “Recyclable by Design”


We develop innovative bio-based packaging solutions through the use of alternative polymers, prioritizing materials derived from biological resources. Some of these products are also biodegradable or compostable after use.

  • Barrier capsules, lids and compostable coffee bags
  • Biodegradable and compostable solutions (PLA, PHA, bio-sourced blends...)
  • Sustainable cardboard boxes, with circular content and responsibly managed origin

Packaging optimization

Optimization of materials through innovation and more efficient processes: we work to achieve lighter, thinner packaging, always with optimum quality materials that continue to guarantee efficiency and product safety.

  • Thinner structures for rigid and flexible packaging
  • Ecocharge and foamed sheets

Shelf Life extension

We are committed to developing optimal packaging that ensures longer shelf life, product protection to reduce product waste, while maintaining food properties during manufacturing, distribution and display.

  • Standard and active barriers
  • Oxygen scavengers and antibacterial agents for trays
  • Retort: lids, bags and rigid solutions

Some of our projects

We actively work with different members of the value chain to make packaging circular, as well as to ensure product quality and safety.

Innotech joins HolyGrail 2.0 project

This initiative aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of digital watermarking for the accurate sorting of post-consumer packaging waste. This pilot project evaluates whether a pioneering digital technology can enable better sorting and higher quality recycling rates of packaging in the EU.

Ineos Styrolution and Coexpan confirm positive food contact results in all dairy formats using 100% mechanically recycled polystyrene

According to the results, polystyrene is not only the best material for dairy applications, but also offers the shortest path to circularity for existing applications in the market.
All formats for dairy products have been produced and tested according to food contact standards.

Coexpan Chile has received the certification of "Clean Production Agreement II (APL) - Packaging Industry, moving towards the Circular Economy" granted by the Sustainability and Climate Change Agency (Agencia de Sustentabilidad y Cambio Climático).

Our partnerships

Through our various partnerships, we drive the improvement of collection and sorting systems and recycling technologies to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

EMSUR joins as a new member of CEFLEX, a consortium of European companies that promotes the circularity of flexible packaging. Through this initiative, more than 130 organizations representing the entire flexible packaging value chain join forces to promote a circular economy model where it is expected to develop an infrastructure for the collection, classification and reprocessing of flexible post-consumer packaging throughout Europe by 2025.

COEXPAN joined SCS, the industry initiative to increase the circularity of styrenics. The initiative engages the entire value chain in the development and industrialization of new recycling technologies and solutions. It aims to strengthen the sustainability of styrenic products while improving resource efficiency within the Circular Economy.

COEXPAN AND EMSUR, sign the declaration of the Circular Plastics Alliance, an initiative designed by the European Commission with the aim of promoting the recycled plastics market in Europe and thus achieving 10 million tons of recycled plastic in the European market. The entities that are part of this alliance cover the entire plastics value chain.

Coexpan and Emsur participate in the Packaging DivisionCOEXPAN se hace miembro del Pacto del Plástico de Chile, iniciativa que se enmarca en la Red Global del Pacto del Plástico lanzada por la Fundación Ellen MacArthur en 2018. La iniciativa está centrada en lograr un futuro de plástico sostenible, avanzando hacia un modelo de economía circular a través, entre otras, de la campaña “Circula el Plástico” que busca implicar a la ciudadanía en el desafío de avanzar hacia una nueva economía del plástico.

COEXPAN participates in Petcore Europe, the association representing the entire PET value chain in Europe. Its mission is to ensure that the entire PET industry is well aligned, to enhance its value and sustainable growth, to represent the PET industry before the European institutions and other interested parties, and to promote the PET value chain in Europe.

LECA and ESTELLA are members of ASPACK, the Spanish Association of Packaging, Packaging and Cardboard Transformed Products Manufacturers, whose objective is to bring together companies in the sector to work in a collaborative environment towards a more sustainable society and a circular economy.


We align our operating model with sustainable development goals to protect the planet, adopting measures that minimize the impact of our activity.

Climate change

The fight against climate change is a priority in our commitment to sustainability and excellence. Through the implementation of continuous improvement processes and the incorporation of numerous measures and technologies that help reduce and optimize energy consumption, we create a more efficient and sustainable model. In addition, the increased use of renewable energy enables us to achieve our goals in this area.

Our goals

Our results 2022

Reduce our carbon footprint (tCO2/production unit) Scope 1 y 2

Increase the consumption of electricity from renewable energy sources

Our results 2022

Carbon footprint reduction

Use of renewable energy

Also committed to...

Improving our environmental footprint and the life cycle of our products is one of our most ambitious goals. For this reason, we also focus on the conservation and optimization of resources and their responsible management.

Main indicators

Raw materials


By using recycled material, we saved

14,863 tCO2 eq


Emissions reduction

Responsible source

Material from responsibly managed forests

Renewable energy


We saved

11,939 tCO2 eq

By using

Renewable energy

Guarantees of origin and self-consumption


Carbon Footprint

We saved

10,359 tCO2 eq

vs 2021 | By reducing

CO2eq emissions


Reduction vs 2021

Our certifications

Our daily commitment to improve our performance and increase our credibility and transparency with all our stakeholders is supported by the certifications obtained in different areas, which allow us to externally evaluate the achievement of our goals.

Our commitment to the planet and the environment is clearly shown by the annual increase in the number of our sites certified under ISO 14001 standard or similar.Our objective of certifying all the sites in the short term, is our guide to environmental performance and continuous improvement in all our operations.

The integration of corporate social responsibility principles in our day-to-day operations is the key to our global sustainability plan. The evaluation of compliance with these principles is carried out in the Group's different plants through recognized platforms such as SEDEX or ECOVADIS.

Food Safety is a pillar of our quality performance and operations, reinforcing the key role of our solutions to preserve our product. All plants producing food contact materials are BRC and/or FSSC 22000 certified.

Our commitment to protecting the planet also includes certifications that ensure that wood-based products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The globally applicable sustainability certification system, ISCC PLUS, assesses all sustainable raw materials, circular and bio-based materials and renewable energies. This certification is an important recognition of the group's commitment to sustainability, specifically in terms of circularity, recycling and environmental management. It will also allow the use of recycled material (rPS and rPP) from mixed plastic and bio-based material under the mass balance model.

Our open and collaborative innovation center.

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