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At Grupo Lantero we believe in people. We foment the personal development of our employees and provide them with the means to effectively achieve their objectives in the best conditions.
We believe in working as a team and we wish to recruit, maintain and stimulate our human capital through fair and competitive policies, a good work environment, and guarantee personal and professional development and assessment.

Talent Recruitment

We wish to have a qualified and motivated team of workers whose aspire to grow within our group. We recruit the best professionals and provide them with a Corporate Handbook adapted to each position.

Training and Development

On-going training and the growth of our professionals through career planning are key parts of our human resources management. Among our initiatives, we have set up our Corporate University Global in collaboration with prestigious business schools.

Health and Safety

We encourage health and safety at the workplace through training and raising awareness among our staff so that they adopt responsible behavior and take the necessary preventive measures to minimize occupational hazards.

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