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GRUPO LANTERO is built on solid values that define who we are and how we operate and relate to others. These values define us and are present in everything we do every day. We present the new Values campaign in which the employees themselves share them and inspire us CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VALUES CAMPAIGN
In CHILE they are already communicating these values! CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO


We ended the first four months of the year with the Group’s best accident rate in recent years. Congratulations to everyone! We are heading in the right direction, although we cannot let our guard down.

EMSUR POLAND celebrated two years without accidents at a breakfast that brought together all employees. CLICK TO SEE PICTURES


We are happy to share with you the promotions that have taken place between March 15 and May 15. CLICK HERE TO SEE PROMOTIONS There are many more opportunities to continue growing within Grupo Lantero. You can find them in Workday.

  • Vincent Denigot has been promoted to Key Account Manager & R&D Dairy Global Accounts.
  • David Alamo has been promoted to Site Manager at Emsur Madrid.
  • David Hernandez has been promoted to Master Data for the Coexpan Division.
  • Francisco Griñena assumes the position of Global KAM for Flexible.
  • Inmaculada Mancera Robles has been promoted to Indirect Purchasing.
  • Mariano Toledo Ruiz has been promoted to Planning Manager for Coexpan Madrid and France.
  • Mónica Lozano has been promoted to Operational Excellence for Emsur Madrid.
  • Philippe Hacques assumes the position of Supply Manager France/Spain.
  • Sofía López has been promoted to CEM-non-Dairy for Emsur.
  • Angela Sanchez has been promoted to Controller Cluster Dairy.
  • Javier Corpa has been promoted to Technical Excellence for Emsur Madrid.
  • Alejandra Álvarez has been promoted to HRBP for Coexpan and Emsur.
  • Yolanda Ruiz has assumed the position of Non-conformity Management Technician for Leca.
  • Guifre Borras has been appointed as Planning Manager for Argent.
  • Pawel Bartkiewicz has been promoted as Quality Manager of the Emsur Poland&Madrid Dairy Cluster.
  • Łukasz Rusak has been promoted to Maintenance Coordinator for Emsur Poland.
  • Yolanda Ruiz assumes the position of Non-conformity Management Technician at Leca.
  • Edyta Machula-Piotrowska has been promoted to Site Manager for Emsur Poland.
  • Aleksandra Chęcińska-Çetin has been promoted to the position of Technical Manager (Technical Excellence) for Emsur Poland.

We wish everyone a lot of success!


COEXPAN and EMSUR exhibited at Interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf, one of the most important trade show in the sector, where they have presented their innovations and all the solutions of their business units with a clear focus on sustainability.

EMSUR has been selected by Danone as partner for the launching of promotions in its main brands Danone, Activia and Danet in Spain. It started with Danone 1 Euro on January 25th and due to its success, it will continue throughout the year. The Activia promotion was launched in April and the Danet promotion is scheduled for May. It is estimated that these promotions will generate volumes of 1.5M m2 for Danone, 250K m2 for Activia and 60K m2 for Danet.

COEXPAN MEXICO started selling CKF thermoforming film for fish trays. It is a 5-layer PP/adhesive/EVOH/adhesive/PE product with “easy open” feature. The estimated annual volume is 500t.

LECA GRAPHICS last April 14th held the fourth edition of the Leca Graphics kick off. The main topics of this session were the objectives and priorities for the year. The theme of this year’s Kick off was “Every success story is a story of constant adaptation, revision and change” by Richard Branson.

ESTELLA PACKAGING will soon start manufacturing a new format for Schreiber Portugal.
It is a 4-bottle grouper, for which a production of 10 million units per year is foreseen.
With this new grouper, Epack consolidates its position in the Castelo plant and in the Schreiber Group as the main supplier of packs and groupers.
For more than 5 years, Epack has also been manufacturing for the Noblejas-Talavera plant of Schreiber Spain and the Clery plant of Schreiber France.


The commercial, R&D and marketing teams of Coexpan, Emsur, Estella and Leca came together to attend the first MARKETING DAY of Grupo Lantero in La Granja de San Ildefonso. During a full day, topics as important for the business as the context and market trends, the solutions offered by the Group and communication to customers were presented. The event was a success and by unanimous decision it will be repeated next year. Coexpan and Emsur held their annual sales meetings following the Marketing Day. We hope to see you all together again very soon!

The Quality teams of Coexpan and Emsur met for the first time in Alcalá. The quality strategy for 2023-2024 was shared and team activities such as a workshop on repetitive complaints and teambuilding dynamics were also carried out.

EMSUR MEXICO, has made the first industrial printing of several types of Danone Mexico sleeve models with the ECG (Extended Colour Gammut) color protocol. This production is the culmination of a process of almost two years of work by the Technical Department and the technical office of Emsur Mexico. Congratulations to the whole team!

COEXPAN MEXICO will be incorporated into the SAP system as part of the One Platform project as of June 2nd.


Our top sustainability performance for the year 2022, at a glance!

The Group’s plants in Spain join the Envalora project!
The implementation of the new Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste on December 27, 2022 introduces the obligation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for industrial and commercial packaging.
This revolutionizes the obligations of companies that offer containers and packaging of any material, on the market these to send their products to the facilities of their customers in Spain (pallets, boxes, film, …).

This paradigm shift makes us continue to improve our current production, consumption and management system to make it a more circular, innovative and environmentally friendly one.
With Coexpan as a founding partner, ENVALORA, the new Collective System of Extended Producer Responsibility (SCRAP), will allow packaging companies to comply with this new legal obligation to organize and finance the management of industrial and commercial packaging waste in the market.
It should be noted that this obligation is extended to the rest of the European Union countries according to Directive 2018/852 on packaging and packaging waste, before December 31, 2024.
Learn more about Envalora


In the last two months we have received the following visits in Innotech

All of them have had the opportunity to meet our unique innovation center and we have been able to talk about the opportunities in their different fields and markets.

Innotech participated in the BionTop Collaborative project, which after 4 years of work was presented at Interpack.
In collaboration with other manufacturers, we have developed a final product home compost (tray or pouch) consisting of a multilayer film of PLA or PBSA and a whey protein coating that gives barrier to the product..


Chocolate has its origin in Mexico, where the god Quetzalcoatl gave, according to legend, the cocoa tree to men, which years later would be baptized with the scientific name Theobroma Cacao, which means in Greek “food of the gods”. Today in Grupo Lantero we produce the packaging of some of the most important manufacturers.


Every year, more than 583 million plastic bottles are put into circulation. As part of our commitment to sustainability, Grupo Lantero has developed a polyolefin sleeve that is separated by density difference. We work tirelessly to develop packaging solutions that facilitate the recycling process.

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