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Grupo Lantero collaborates with the Fundación Tomillo to achieve the social integration of the most vulnerable individuals and groups through education, the improvement of employability and the strengthening of social networks.


Through our collaboration and with the common objective of reaffirming our commitment to society by favouring the development of the community, we work on three main areas of action: employment, training and social action.


Through collaboration with the Tomillo Foundation we will provide temporary jobs and internship contracts for different young people in administrative and technical fields within the different divisions of Grupo Lantero.


We launch training sessions complementary to the training plan for the students of the Tomillo Foundation. Our collaboration allows us to provide young tomilleros with additional knowledge about our industry, recycling and sustainability.

Social Action

We promote caring for the environment and the importance of recycling for our future through various volunteer initiatives.

The projects and initiatives we work on are aligned with the sustainable development goals established by the United Nations. We promote employment through job opportunities for young people in difficult situations and we contribute to their training, thus promoting their access to the labour market. Through volunteer initiatives and environmental awareness workshops we want to promote caring for the environment and the importance of recycling for our future.
Through the Tomillo Foundation we work to build a better society by offering young people in disadvantaged situations employment and training opportunities, as well as promoting social actions focused on caring for the environment.

Fundación Tomillo

Fundación Tomillo was set up over 30 years ago by Javier Lantero, Manuel Fierros and Concha Lantero who joined with the purpose of providing training, employment and opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as helping the younger age students to have success in school.Fundación Tomillo
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