Our global Corporate University concludes the first phase of its sales excellence training program in Brazil

Wednesday, 04 July 2018

The Corporate University of Grupo Lantero has completed the first module of its 2018 Training Program geared towards the Coexpan and Emsur Sales Team. This initiative of international scope has been developed in cooperation with the prestigious IESE Business School in Madrid and the ISE-IESE Business School in São Paulo.

Our global Corporate University concludes the first phase of its sales excellence training program in Brazil

The Global Corporate University of Grupo Lantero is a training program created to further the professional development of our Management and Administration teams with the aim of consolidating the required competencies and knowledge to reach the targets set in our Strategic Plan: Horizonte 2020.

Following the success of the First and Second Training Programs for Top and Middle Management carried out in 2016 and 2017, the Global Corporate University is launching its Third Training Program, this time geared towards our Sales and Marketing Team. The new program comprises two training modules: an external training module on Sales Excellence, carried out from April to June in cooperation with the IESE Business School and a second in-house training module that will follow on next year.

Since its launch, the Global Corporate University has provided training for more than 280 of the company’s professionals, including middle managers, top management and admin teams, with specific programs for their performance areas, designed in cooperation with the IESE and IE Business Schools in Europe and IPADE and ISE-IESE in America.

The Global Corporate University is a clear example of Grupo Lantero’s commitment to the continuing training and development of our employees, to provide our professionals with the necessary skills to achieve our strategic objectives and to act as a corporate platform to instill the culture and values of Grupo Lantero at all levels of the Organization.

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